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Indian Lake State Park Indian Lake State Park
Hiking/X-Country Skiing
5 miles W of Manistique
Trail Distance - 2 Miles
Indian Lake State Park is located on Indian Lake, the fourth largest inland lake in the Upper Peninsula with an area of 8,400 acres. It is six miles long and three miles wide.
Indian Lake State Park Trail Map 205 KB

Indian Lake Pathway
Hiking / X-Country Skiing / Biking
9 miles NW of Thompson via M-149
3 Trail Loops - 1 Mile, 3 Miles, 4.5 Miles
Indian Lake Pathway - View Map Online
Indian Lake Pathway - Downloadable Map 314 KB

Fox River Pathway
5 Miles NW of Seney
Trail Distance - 27.5 Miles
Fox River Pathway - View Map Online
Fox River Pathway - Downloadable Map 3.56 MB

Gemini Lake Pathway
Lake Superior State Forest
12 Miles NE of Melstrand at South Gemini Lake State Forest Campground
Trail Distance - 1.5 Miles

Schoolcraft County Environmental Lab
6 Miles NE of Manistique
7 Trail Loops - 1.79 Total Miles
The Schoolcraft County Environmental Laboratory is a system of trails located on 80 acres of wooded township land, a couple of miles east of the town of Manistique.  The purpose of the Lab is to provide hiking, nature appreciation and environmental education opportunities for the general public and local schools.
Environmental Lab - View Map Online
Environmental Lab - Downloadable Map 202 KB

Colwell Lake Hiking Trail
Hiking/X-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing
30 Miles N of Manistique
Trail Distance - 2 Miles
This 2 mile long loop trail meanders along the edge of Colwell Lake and is surfaced to be fully accessible to people with mobility impairments. The trail is particularly stunning in the fall, and also is popular in the winter as a snowshoe trail.
Colwell Lake Trail - View Map Online
Colwell Lake Trail - Downloadable Map 2.29 MB

Pine Marten Run
Hiking/Horseback Riding
Hiwatha National Forest - 30 Miles NW of Manistique
Trail Distance - 26 Miles
Pine Marten Run is a 26 mile system of hiking and horseback riding trails located in the Ironjaw Semiprivate Area approximately 30 miles northwest of Manistique in Schoolcraft County, Michigan.
Pine Marten Run - View Map Online
Pine Marten Run - Downloadable Map 1.55 MB

Ashford Lake Pathway
Hiking / X-Country Skiing
16 Miles North of Manistique on M-94
3 Trail Loops - 3 Miles, 6 Miles, 9 Miles
Ashford Lake Pathway - View Map Online
Ashford Lake Pathway - Downloadable Map 412 KB

Interpretive Trails
AuTrain Song Bird Trail
AuTrain Campground
Trail Distance - 2 Miles
Since it opened in 1989, the Au Train Songbird Trail has offered a new way to learn bird identification. There are all sorts of guide books out there for telling one bird from another, but this unique audio guided interpretive trail allows you to learn birds by their song.

Bay Furnace Historic Site
Bay Furnace Campground - 1 Mile W of Christmas
Trail Distance - 1/8 Mile
This very short, accessible trail encircles the stabilized ruin of an 1870 blast furnace where iron was made until 1877. One of the last remaining structures of its kind in the U.P., it is also a good place to view Lake Superior and Grand Island. Interpretive signs show how the furnace operated and explain its unique history, including its construction, damage by fire, and partial preservation.

Maywood History Trail
E of Rapid River
Trail Distance - .9 Miles
This hard-packed, easily accessible trail takes the visitor through a 200 year old hemlock forest on the shore of Little Bay de Noc. Because of its geographic setting, the area was a focal point of human activity and includes Native American sites and the foundations of an old resort hotel complex. Abundant historic photographs and oral history quotations on interpretive signs tell the Maywood story.

Round Lake CCC Camp
Trail Distance - .1 Miles
Located in a grassy clearing, interpretive panels show what the camp buildings looked like and describe everyday life there. Visible features include old foundations and the newly replaced flag pole. Photographs on the panels and quotations from CCC veterans make Camp Round Lake the Great Depression, and the C.C.C. come alive for visitors.

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