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Despite the shallow depth, anglers – especially those with small boats – come here to try to catch some of the nine species available, which range from sturgeon and brown trout to musk- ies, panfish, walleye and northern pike.
Palms Book State Park is found at the northern
At one time, American Indians lived near the outlet of the lake in log cabins.
touring the Upper Peninsula, for here can be seen one of Michigan’s alluring natural attrac- tions – Kitch-iti-kipi, ‘The Big Spring,’” a park brochure reads.
Original land for the south-shore unit at Indian Lake State Park was acquired in 1932. Develop- ment of the park started a year later with the help of labor provided by the Depression-era saviors from the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration.
A raft takes park visitors across the surface of the spring. A viewing well in the watercraft allows views of sand boiling out of the bottom of the spring, the pool cast in an emerald green color due to the minerals present.
Campsites and other park features were con- structed along the lakeshore here.
“Ancient tree trunks, lime-encrusted branches and fat trout appear suspended in nothingness as they slip through crystal waters far below,” a brochure reads. “Clouds of sand kept in constant motion by gushing waters create ever-changing shapes and forms, a challenge to the imagination of young and old alike.”
In 1939, land was acquired for the west-shore unit of the park, though development didn’t start here until more than two decades later, in 1965. Campsites at the west side of the lake are situated farther back from the water, about a quarter to a half-mile, providing a more seclud- ed atmosphere for camping.
The spring maintains a constant 45-degree water temperature year-round, with more than 10,000 gallons of water per minute gushing from
The state park is located 4 miles west of
end of M-149.
“It is a rewarding side trip for the vacationer
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