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Shipwreck Tours of Lake Superior
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  Explore Lake Superior’ s shipwrecks either by diving or viewing through the floor of a glass bottom boat. The trip takes about two hours, visits two different shipwreck sites, rock cliffs and caves, a historic lighthouse, and the exquisite beauty of Grand Island and Munising Bay. It allows a firsthand view of wrecks including a rare, fully intact, wooden sailing ship that was built before the Civil War and sits only a few feet from the surface of the lake.
The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, pro- nounced “Sis-shwa” is located on US-2, 12 miles east of Manistique, and was once the center of a thriving fishing community. Seul Choix, French for “only choice” is a Michigan Historic Site and a Michigan Historic Site National Historic Landmark. The lighthouse has a rich history, and some even claim it is haunted. Visitors and workers have reported strange happenings, including the sound of someone (an old lighthouse keeper, perhaps?) climbing the steps.
For more information, visit or call (906) 387-4477 for departure times and reserva- tions.
The complex includes a two-story home, restored and decorated, and several outbuild- ings. There is also a maritime museum with a dugout canoe — one of the rarest finds to be uncovered in the Midwest. The lighthouse is
Seul Choix
   $25 per car - Free admission to active military
(From Newberry go 4 miles north on M-123 towards Tahquamenon Falls. Turn left at 4 Mile Corner
(Deer Park Rd., Muskallonge Lake, H-37 H-407) and go 4 miles. |
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